There are people out there who are exactly like you. They think like you and dress like you. They have very similar skills or careers to yours and lead very similar lives in general.

They have very similar interests to you. So, in order to move away from the “middle of the curve”, you have to engage in fewer “middle of the curve” activities.

They might have the same height, race, walk, smile, job, house, family, dog, IQ, and partner. Store-bought monoculture, government, and capitalism dictate that there are many people who are exactly the same as each other.

Yes, someone out there has the exact same CV as you.

You consume the same media, watch the same television shows, listen to the same music, and read the same books.

What is the purpose of this post? I believe that niche products work in the long term. I will be experimenting, and this belief could be proven right or wrong.