Projects and past client work

Factory Mint

  • Mostly solo project, java backend and typescript client, blockfrost and bloxbean integrations.
  • Easiest NFT minter to use on Cardano.


  • Storage application backend, integration with IPFS, custom web3 auth, planned integration with Cardano.
  • Possibly first DAPP bridge across Ethereum and Cardano, Milkomeda and Nomad integrations. Had to take the app offline once Nomad was hacked.


  • Engineer and Engineering Manager, communications team, Backend, C#, Kafka, AWS SQS.
  • Lead engineer AU chrome extension, 2FA Auth, payments, externally security audited.
  • Contract Engineer data migrations, NodeJS and Python.


  • Core web application in Coffeescript/Javascript ES6.
  • Corporate partnership application with JB-HI-FI and Ikea.

Net A Porter and Mr Porter

  • Checkouts team, GDPR update.
  • Micro campaigns.


  • Trinny London eCommerce team, full stack engineering contractor.